• The DST810 is our latest generation thru hull plastic speed, depth and temp transducer.


    $649.95 ex GST

    “The DST810 NMEA2000 triducer with BT interface is a thru hull plastic depth, speed, and temperature multi-sensor”

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  • NMEA 0183 GPS Antenna

    GPS160 NMEA 0183

    $249.95 ex GST

    “The GPS160, a high performance positioning sensor using GPS, Galileo and Glonass satellite systems for exceptional positioning accuracies and redundancies. GPS160 has an NMEA 0183 interface.”

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  • NMEA 2000 GPS Antenna

    GPS160 NMEA 2000

    $429.95 ex GST

    “GPS160 supplied with iKonvert (NMEA2000-NMEA0183 converter) allowing easy and flexible NMEA 2000 installation.”

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  • Seatalk GPS Antenna

    GPS160 SeaTalk

    $429.95 ex GST

    “GPS160 SeaTalk version is supplied with Digital Yacht SeaTalk1 to NMEA0183 converter allowing easy replacement of older Raystar sensors.”

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  • USB GPS Antenna

    GPS160 USB

    $339.95 ex GST

    “The GPS160USB variant ships with a 16 ft USB cable. It’s self powered from the USB source (PC, MAC or Linux).”

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  • WIFI GPS Antenna

    GPS160 Wireless

    $429.95 ex GST

    “The GPS160 wireless GPS antenna version is supplied with Digital Yacht NMEA to WiFi gateway for wireless navigation with tablets and iPads.”

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  • HSC100 is a fluxgate compass


    $499.95 ex GST

    “Fluxgate compass with auto calibration and fast heading output for MARPA or course up radar stabilisation.”

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  • Depth, speed, and temperature multi-sensor with an NMEA0183 interface.

    Smart Sensor NMEA 0183

    $659.95 ex GST

    “Depth, speed, and temperature multi-sensor with an NMEA0183 interface.”

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  • Smartertrack express is a marine navigation software with GPS antenna

    SmarterTrack Express

    $649.95 ex GST

    “SmarterTrack Express is a new navigation package which includes the SmarterTrack navigation software and the GPS160 with USB.”

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  • WindSense

    $779.95 ex GST

    “Wireless Wind System with wired mast head unit and wireless output to iOS and Android Apps.”

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  • The WND100 is a ultra tough marine wind sensor.


    $559.95 ex GST

    “Rugged and Cost Effective NMEA0183 Wind Transducer”

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