The SeaTalk™ interface, originally developed by Autohelm in the early 1990’s, was included on pretty much all Autohelm and Raymarine (and some Raytheon) products up until about 2012. As a result there are thousands and thousands of boats around the world that have a SeaTalk 1 network and many owners would like to get the SeaTalk data on to a PC, MAC or LINUX device. Raymarine’s own SeaTalk to NMEA converter (E85001) is no longer available.

Digital Yacht’s SeaTalk to NMEA Converter is a small but powerful interface that provides bi-directional conversion between a SeaTalk network and a computer’s USB interface (USB model) or a SeaTalk network and an NMEA0183 network or device (ISO model).

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GPS160 SeaTalk

$480.95 ex GST

“GPS160 SeaTalk version is supplied with Digital Yacht SeaTalk1 to NMEA0183 converter allowing easy replacement of older Raystar sensors.”

SeaTalk1 to NMEA 0183 Converter (ISO)

$289.95 ex GST

“The ideal data converter for any legacy Autohelm or Raymarine system”

SeaTalk1 to USB Converter

$289.95 ex GST

“The ideal data converter to get SeaTalk data on to a computer”