AIS transponders allow you to receive data from vessels close to you, but also to transmit your vessel’s identity, position, speed and heading as well as other relevant information to all other vessels equipped with an AIS system within your range. There are 3 types of AIS transponders: Class A, Class B and Class B+. They all interoperate.

Class A AIS transponders are mandated for vessels over 300 tons, fishing vessels over 15m, passenger carrying vessels and for SOLAS Convention

AIS Class B transponders are for recreational craft installation and have a transmission power of 2W (range of about 10 miles).

AIS Class B+ (also called Class B SOTDMA) use the same SOTDMA technology as a AIS Class A transponders and therefore have the same priority when it comes to reserving a slot, thus ensuring that they will always be able to transmit, even in high traffic areas. They have a transmission power of 5W.

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AIT1500 – AIS Transponder with built-in GPS & NMEA 0183

$999.95 ex GST

“Entry level AIS Transponder with industry standard NMEA0183 interface and internal GPS antenna that makes installation aboard smaller fibreglass (GRP) boats much quicker and easier.”

AIT1500N2K – AIS Transponder with built-in GPS & NMEA 2000

$999.95 ex GST

“An easy to install Class B AIS transponder with plug ‘n play NMEA 2000 interface. Built in GPS antenna and ideal for use on smaller yachts and boats like RIBs and center consoles.”

AIT2000 & GV30 Bundle (Combo VHF/GPS Antenna)

$1,359.95 ex GST

“This AIT2000 plus GV30 bundle is ideal for smaller boats and tenders, providing a single combination VHF+GPS antenna solution that makes installation easy and simple.”

AIT2000 – Class B AIS Transponder with external GPS antenna

$1,159.95 ex GST

Ultra-compact AIS Transponder Class B that uses the latest AIS transponder technology to squeeze more performance and interfacing options with half the size of our previous generation transponder.

AIT2500 – Class B+ 5W AIS Transponder

$1,359.95 ex GST

“The AIT2500 is a full function Class B+ SOTDMA AIS transponder with NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000 and USB data outputs. It is supplied with a GPS antenna.”

AIT5000 – Class B+ AIS Transponder with Wi-Fi, NMEA & VHF Splitter

$1,759.95 ex GST

“The AIT5000 is a Class B+ AIS Transponder with a 5W power output, a Wi-Fi interface, a built-in VHF splitter and utilises SOTDMA format transmissions.”

CLA2000 – Class A AIS Transponder

$3,580.95 ex GST

“CLA2000 is the ultimate SOLAS and inland waterway globally approved Class A AIS transponder with a full integrated 5” hi-res colour display. “

iAISTX – AIS Transponder with WiFi

$999.95 ex GST

“iAISTX is an AIS transponder with Wi-Fi interface designed specifically for the growing number of boaters who use a tablet for their navigation tasks.”

iAISTX Plus – AIS Transponder with WiFi & NMEA 2000

$1,159.95 ex GST

“iAISTX Plus is an AIS transponder with Wi-Fi interface for tablet & PC navigation and also has a NMEA 2000 interface (with integral drop cable) to integrate with modern plotters, instruments and multi-function displays to provide AIS functionality.”

Nomad 2 – Portable AIS Transponder

$1,299.95 ex GST

“Nomad 2 is a portable AIS navigation solution from Digital Yacht. It is a class B AIS transponder with a wireless and USB interface built in for tablets and PCs. It ships with a compact combination VHF and GPS antenna.“