Digital Yacht also manufacture many accessories such as AIS alarms, interfaces for AIS Class A and AIS base station.

AIS base stations are fixed (non-mobile) stations that port authorities use to monitor and control vessel traffic. Major ports and harbours install these systems to give additional control over local AIS users.

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$339.95 ex GST

“AIS SART Alarm — Connects to any of our AIS devices and detects a SART target — ideal for use as a MOB system with personal SARTs.”

AISNET – Internet Base Station

$1,299.95 ex GST

“Network enabled AIS receiver for base station operation. Simple RJ45 network interface and USB too. Perfect for use with Marine Traffic or AIS Live.”

AISNet with built-in VHF Splitter

$1,649.95 ex GST

“AIS receiver for base station operation with a built in VHF splitter.”

Class A PC Pilot Plug Extension Cable

$220.95 ex GST

“A 10m pilot plug extension cable”

GV30 – AIS/VHF/GPS Antenna

$259.95 ex GST

“Combination AIS/VHF and GPS antenna for Class B transponders which makes for a super quick and high performance installation.”


$165.00 ex GST

“A GPS antenna for any AIS transponder”

Pilot Plug USB Cable

$220.95 ex GST

“Easy PC connections from a Class A AIS to a PC or MAC.”