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Deck Base for CX4A, WL510 or 4GConnect

$79.95 ex GST

“The E179F is a mounting bracket for our WL510 and 4G Connect antennas. It allows these larger 1.25” antennas to bolt down onto this threaded fitting.”

Detachable Rail Mount Backet

$69.95 ex GST

“Designed to fit 1″ rails but with detachable top to allow easy removal of antenna.”

Flange Mount

$49.95 ex GST

“Heavy-duty, low profile, 1in. High mount with standard 1″x14 TPI thread.”

FME to BNC Adaptor

$13.00 ex GST

“FME-BNC adaptor which allows VHF antenna to connect to BNC style VHF connections such as those used on AIS transponders.”

FME to PL259 Adaptor

$13.00 ex GST

“FME to PL259 adaptor allows any VHF antenna with FME connector to fit Class A AIS systems or any system with PL259 style connection.”

FME to TNC Adaptor

$13.00 ex GST

“FME-TNC adaptor to connect a GPS antenna to one of our AIS Class B transponders.”

Mast Mount

$119.95 ex GST

“Stand off mast bracket for use with any marine antennas with standard 1″x14 TPI thread.”

Mast/Rail Mount

$159.95 ex GST

“Powder coated diecast aluminium Mast/Rail Mounting Bracket 1″-14NF.”

N Type Female for LMR400

$23.00 ex GST

“N type Female connectors for LMR400 cable.”

N Type Male for LMR400

$23.00 ex GST

“N type connectors for LMR400 cable as used on our WL510 hi power wifi internet access system and for the 10 and 20m cables for 4GConnect.”

N280S – 1″x14TPI to 1.25″ Pipe Thread Adaptor

$104.95 ex GST

“Fits to 1.25″ antennas and converts to fit 1” range of mounts. “

Nylon Ratchet Mount

$49.95 ex GST

“Handle allows easy fold down of antenna and 4 way design allows for mounting on any surface. Suitable for use with any antennas using standard 1″x14 TPI thread.”

Rail Mount

$54.95 ex GST

“This mount comes with nylon adapters to fit vertical or horizontal, square or round rails with a 22/25/35mm diameter.”

Stainless Steel Ratchet Mount

$169.95 ex GST

“Extra Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Ratchet Mount. Use wherever its extra heavy-duty construction is needed.”