What’s the basic NMEA 2000 Networking rules?

The list below, gives you all of the key NMEA 2000 networking rules that, if followed, will ensure your NMEA 2000 network works correctly.

  1. The network must be properly terminated; only two terminators fitted one at each end of the backbone
  2. The NMEA 2000 Supply voltage must be between 9V and 16V
  3. The NMEA 2000 Supply current must be less than 3A (60 LEN)
  4. Maximum number of 50 physical devices on the network
  5. The NMEA 2000 backbone must be less than 100m
  6. Maximum single drop cable length is 6m
  7. Total length of all drop cables must be less than 76m
  8. The volt drop from one end of the network to the other, must be less than 1.5V