AIS receivers only pick up transmissions and then decode them for display on a compatible chartplotter or PC-based navigation system or even on iPads and tablets. If you do very little sailing, an AIS receiver will be very beneficial for your own safety and to enhance your journeys on the water.

There are single channel AIS receivers and dual channel receivers. When choosing an AIS receiver, we strongly recommend that you choose a dual channel AIS receiver as these receivers receive all types of AIS data and will update the received data very quickly (2x faster than a single channel).

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AIS100 – Receiver (NMEA 0183)

$409.95 ex GST

“Connects to any NMEA AIS compatible chart plotter and adds an AIS overlay. Simple to install, highly sensitive dual channel design that’s easy to install with Garmin, Raymarine, Standard, Lowrance, Simrad, Furuno etc plotters.”

AIS100 – Receiver (USB)

$409.95 ex GST

“Perfect for PC based navigation systems with USB drivers for PC, MAC and linux.”

AIS100 Receiver (USB) with QMax Portable VHF Antenna

$589.95 ex GST

“Perfect for PC based navigation systems with USB drivers for PC, MAC and linux. Pack also includes a portable VHF antenna”


$479.95 ex GST

“Combination NMEA and USB connections for PC and plotter based systems. Also features NMEA input and inbuilt multiplexer.”

AISNET – Internet Base Station

$1,299.95 ex GST

“Network enabled AIS receiver for base station operation. Simple RJ45 network interface and USB too. Perfect for use with Marine Traffic or AIS Live.”

AISNet with built-in VHF Splitter

$1,649.95 ex GST

“AIS receiver for base station operation with a built in VHF splitter.”

AISnode – Receiver

$895.95 ex GST

“The perfect low cost entry level AIS Receiver for the new breed of small NMEA2000 chart plotters.”